Letter to Liberalerna and the Swedish Political Fraternity at large

We the authors represent the PFDJ Wing of the Eritrean Diaspora in Sweden. 

Once upon a time, the saying of “being seen but not heard” was a very true description of the typical Eritrean Swede, who generally was a timid, hardworking, very shy and highly law-abiding member of the Swedish Society. That is your typical PFDJ affiliated Eritrean Swede. Very sadly, this species is drowning and dying in a turbulent new wave of “Opposition Eritreans”.

Alarmingly, this vosiferous new wave of militant thugs openly boast of, amd take great joy in making life a daily nightmare for the hitherto decent Eritrean Swedes. They have made great gains in preventing PFDJ affiliated who are typically very pious Orthodox Christians from freely worshiping their disciplin of Christianity, and sadly sown seeds of discord between the traditional Swedish Church and ordinary Eritrean Swedes who only wish to worship God, study the Scriptures and bring up their children according to the Eritrean Orthodox Christian way of life. PFDJ affiliated Eritrean Swedes and other non-politically inclinated Eritreans and other appreciative nationals can no longer meet together annually to grace the highly appreciated Eritrean Cultural Festival without these thugs beating them, burning festival tents and cars, vandalising other properties; and creating mayhem and terror on young and old alike. In short, any person of Eritrean origin who is not an open “Opposition” or their sympathiser is regarded as “fair prey” by the “Opposition” for all sorts of persecution. People feel fear, intimidation and terror yet strangely enough, it is the genuine victims of all these horrendous acts who get the blame for all committed upheavals while the villains go scott free.

PFDJ affiliated Eritreans strongly beleive that the Swedish Society, in general; and Swedish Politicians in particular are very unfairly biased in their perception of who the real aggressors are and who the victims are in this issue. We PFDJ just ask: if we have been living in Sweden all these decades as good, hardworking law-abiding citizens and then all of a sudden boatloads of individuals arrive during the past ten years claiming to be Opposition to the legitimate Government of Eritrea claiming to be persecuted and subjected to all sorts of atrocities; and during this timespan all forms of trouble hitherto unknown among Eritreans suddenly becomes rampant daily life, who is to blame? Indeed, who is to blame?

One very noteworthy aspect when it comes to the new constellation of the Eritrean diaspora in Sweden and other parts of Western Europe who chose to accept “migrants from Eritrea” is that several West European Politicians are talking more and more about their conviction that several of these migrants only used the pretext of being Eritrean nationals when they applied for political asylum because having such an origin generally tantamounts to being as good as being guaranteed political asylum. Most of these migrants of alleged Eritrean origin actually fled the Northern Region of Tigray. And it is a very well known fact that Tigrayans have a deep historical hatred for Eritreans. 

We must therefore be very careful not to let Sweden be the new grounds for settling scores in the Tigray/Eritrea enmity.

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