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ሓበሬታ ነቶም ኣብ ሽወደን መርዓ ክትገብሩ ትደልዩ

ኣብ ውሽጢ ሽወደን ናይ መርዓ ስነስርዓት ማለት ንመጻምድትኻ ከም ሕጋዊ መጻምድቲ ክተመዝግብ ምስ እትደሊ፡ቅድሚ ናይ መርዓ ስነስርዓት ምግባርካ hindersprövning ዝባሃል ቅጥዒ ናብ...

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The TPLF Massacre of Eritreans in Tigray Refugee Camps

Alarming reports are emerging that  the TPLF are currently on a spree of mayhem killings and massacre of civilians in their area of...

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Reflections on Eritrean Martyrs’ Day

‘ By Alem Fisshatzion (Source TesfaNews) Eritrea will observe ‘Mealti Sematat’ (Martyrs’ Memorial Day) for its fallen heroes on 20 June 2021 as it...

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