The TPLF Massacre of Eritreans in Tigray Refugee Camps

Alarming reports are emerging that  the TPLF are currently on a spree of mayhem killings and massacre of civilians in their area of control in Tigray. The reports speak of incidents targeting including in refugee camp inmates; specifically Eritrean nationals. However, these summary executions and other gross atrocities by the TPLF continue to be grossly shunned by the politicized UN agencies (OCCHA, UNHCR etc.), certain governments and affiliated media outlets who hitherto have been  very vocal in their hypocrytical condemnation of trumped up accusations of Rights Violations of Tigrayans by EPLF and ENDF forces. Where is the objectivity and the balance?

The continued butchery of the helpless victims in Tigray amid the deafening silence of the UN Organs and the West is clearly a tacit approval and acceptance of atrocities. Eritrea and Ethiopia must do all it takes to legitimately protect the remaining lives in those camps; the UN and the West will continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.

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