Eritrea shines at thirty! It’s the eve of Independence Day. There is nothing that binds us Eritreans together more in unity and cast-iron patriotism than the sight of our flag, the mention of Independence Day or Martyrs Day. This is true of many nations; at least when it comes to their flag or Independence Day, but the case of Eritrea is rather special, if not unique. 

Even thirty years after raising the glorious Eritrean symbol of Independence and Sovereignty the bitter memories of the blood, sweat and tears that went into ensuring our Independence still haunt us as they are still fresh in our minds.

Not to mention that the deplorable TPLF has been a constant reminder of our dark days of bondage all through these past thirty years. TPLF has consistently made it their call in life to make life miserable for Eritrea and have devised and financed several mechanisms designed just to make life a Hell on Earth for Eritrea and the Eritrean People. Had it not been for the high resilience of the Eritrean People and the impeccably able Eritrean Leadership of President Isaias Afeworki TPLF would have succeeded long ago with their evil mission.

They have indeed not lacked the means to see their plan through: with all the support they have enjoyed from the Corridors of Power in Washington, New York (UN), Brussels (EU) and London, they could never break the resolute of Eritrea. The different forms of warfare they have waged against Eritrea have been numerous but futile as they in frustration have come to encounter. They are the architects of the criminal and infamous “No War, No Peace” tactic, together with unjust and shamefully dubious UN-imposed sanctions on Eritrea, the young nation still trudged on with its nationhood where many others would have been brought to their knees begging for mercy and foreign aid. Not Eritrea; Never Eritrea! What Eritrea did instead was to meet the Millennium Goals and excel in Agriculture, Health and Education! Under the Ethiopian Leadership of TPLF, the whole world was misled to perceive that there was a deeply-rooted enmity between Ethiopia and Eritrea where no animosity existed but the toppling of the satanic TPLF dispensation by Abiy Ahmed clearly shows that the brotherly peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea only want mutual Peace, Progress and Prosperity for the two peoples and by extension, the whole region of The Horn of Africa. TPLF after losing the reins of power were not content with leading and governing Tigray within the Federation of Ethiopia but have during the Covid-19 Pandemic managed to draw both Ethiopia and Eritrea into a war that even the insane would have dismissed as sheer lunacy for a TPLF victory. After the speedy Ethiopian victory over the dissidents, the ever-criminal TPLF Leadership fled into the Tigrayan countryside hiding among the humble and innocent civilians using them as human shields but also wielding attacks against both Federal Ethiopia and Eritrea. From there, they also launch their troops in the disguise of Ethiopian and Eritrean military uniforms committing all sorts of horrendous atrocities against the unsuspecting civilians. That is all part of a very heinous and devilish plan to stir negative global opinion against their two adversaries. They have an army of mercenary media mongers who have over the years been heavily bankrolled by TPLF billions to spread disinformation and misinformation. A great part of that money has also gone to finance numerous lobbying activities, bribed politicians and finaced so-called Opposition organizations. This sort of propaganda warfare is a weapon that TPLF has fine-tuned over a period of three decades. Those mercenary pathological liars have earned a fortune each from TPLF but sadly, they are the best in the filthy and deplorable work that they do. Eritrea, however, is used to being on the receiving end of this injustice but continue to persevere and survive as the national belief is that truth will prevail against all odds. In the meantime, Eritrea is shining brightly at thirty.

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