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This site is dedicated to all the martyrs who gave their lives to bring peace and independence to our beloved Eritrea. It is also dedicated to all those Eritreans, both at home and abroad, who never tire in the ongoing task to promote peace, stability, prosperity and unity both inside Eritrea and within the whole of the Horn of Africa. We the Chapter of the Eritrean Diaspora in Sweden hold these values true to the belief that Every Good Citizen abroad is an ambassador of his or her own country of origin.

This site came about because of the numerous instances of the dissemination of misleading and misrepresenting information about Eritrea and Eritreans in Mainstream Media. This website is a mouthpiece of the Eritreans in diaspora. Mainstream Media in Sweden, EU and the US has over time spread so many baseless and untrue stories about Eritrea that the general public has systematically been indoctrinated to perceive Eritrea as a very hostile nation, both to her citizens and neighbors. What the general public does not know is that these shenanigans are just a small but very effective piece of the complex jigsaw puzzle that which is a systematic political drive to destabilize and isolate Eritrea.We, the above organization has therefore, taken it upon ourselves as the Natural Ambassadors of Eritrea in Sweden, to ensure that the general public gets a more factual, unbiased and objective approach to the issues concerning Eritrea in this website. Herein, you will successively find articles about Eritrea’s rich cultural heritage, the International Conspiracy against Eritrea, the causes to why there exists a border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, and above all, Eritrea’s laudable achievements during her young nationhood. We will also in this site, refute any instance of misleading and misrepresenting publications against Eritrea, her government and people, be it by Swedish Media or the International Media. In fact, our goals and aspirations are to give the general public factual information that will give them the chance to inspect and evaluate the information for themselves rather than being fed a lot of propaganda misconceptions.

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